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  1. Doris Merein says:

    My husband and I truly learned how to create delicious
    Authentic Indian breads. As a result, my family enjoyed a full course
    Indian dinner accompanied by Indian music and decorations.

    Thank you Ayesha

  2. Wendy Armstrong says:

    I have been hearing about your classes for several years now and finally decided to try one. I didn’t want to go alone so I gave one of my very best friends who loves to cook a gift certificate for 2! I told her she had to bring me of course. She chose the Emperor’s Feast so we had to wait a few months before the class. All I can say is that is was worth the wait and lived up to and surpassed all the wonderful recommendations you see on the web and hear in person. Ayesha is a wonderful chef, historian , teacher and host! I was even able to duplicate her recipes at home even though this meal was not for beginners. I really tried to listen and take notes and it came out perfect! Can’t wait to go back again and bring more friends! Thank you Ayesha for sharing your talents with us!

  3. aura baute says:

    It was an amazing class because you learn three important things throughout the class. She teaches you about the healthy benefits of  Indian spices and the fresh ingredients used in the  food. Nothing is frozen or processed. The second important thing  is how organized and detailed the steps are on the instructions. So, they’re very easy to duplicate when you make it in your own time. If you look up Indian recipes online, the total amount of all the ingredients might tots to a very expensive price.  Ayesha’s Kitchen recipes  are perfect. I made chicken vindaloo for 30 people and everyone loved it. I recommend Ayesha’s Kitchen if you want to cook time efficiently all while it being delicious. I have taken up five of her classes and don’t regret a single one. She’s an amazing person, who makes you feel confident in the way you cook. 
    Thank you, Ayesha.
    Aura Baute

    This is my second review

    My sixth class with Ayesha was wonderful

    I had the opportunity to take my sixth class with Ayesha. The class teaches you how to make indochinese food . The dishes made were delicious. They’re even better than the ones at the restaurant! It’s also extremely easy to make at home. I would love to take a class like this again because I always enjoy her class. I learn how to cook healthily and time efficiently. I always have a great time with Ayesha, she’s a very positive and proactive person.
    Thank, You, Ayesha

  4. Kim Amberg says:

    These three words aptly describe Ayesha’s FUN Indian cooking class. We recently took the Mogul Emperors Feast cooking class where Ayesha cooked chicken tikka and chicken biriyani ,with cucumber mint raita salad and mint chaas beverage, finishing with kesar pista elaichi pedas for dessert. She frequently shared her special little tricks and specific techniques. She gave us a lot of information about the spices as well as their own values and health benefits. The resulting dinner was a delectable treat which we all enjoyed in a comfortable outdoor setting Yummy.
    As any good teacher does, Ayesha engages each participant by remembering their names and requesting help where needed. Having recently been to India, my husband and I so enjoyed Ayesha’s energy and presentation, feeling like we were once again the in the busy-bee atmosphere of India. This was our second cooking class and we enjoyed it as much as the first one. After that class we gifted each of our daughters and their husbands with a class, which they also enjoyed immensely. We would recommend that anyone who likes to cook—and EAT– and wants to explore a new and different experience should test Ayesha’s classes, of which there are many choices. You will not regret the adventure.

  5. LilyB says:

    If you’re lucky enough to travel to the southwestern coast of India, you will experience the famous beaches of Goa which are an absolute delight to the eyes and a paradise for your palate. Highly visited by tourists for their impressive backdrop, Goa beaches are lined with fresh seafood delicacies. The good news is that you can fall in love with the allure and charm of Goan beaches without having to travel to India. You can experience authentic fresh Goan seafood pleasures like shrimp coconut curry or a masala fish fry right here in your own back yard in Ayesha’s Kitchen. Your eyes will dance with pleasure and your palate feast with delight.
    Ayesha teaches her cooking craft step by step in the friendliness and warmth of her inviting kitchen. Ayesha is simply a beautiful, friendly, kind person who blesses us by sharing her Indian culture. Her recipes are simple and easy to reproduce. Once you taste her Indian cooking, you will keep coming back to learn more authentic Indian recipes. Make it a romantic experience with your significant other or bring your family and friends. I guarantee that everyone will enjoy the experience and walk away with happy bellies filled with Ayesha’s tasty morsels. The experience is beyond words. If you are a seafood lover, then your special Goan beach destination is Ayesha’s Kitchen where you will experience a true Goan beach party. If seafood is not your thing, no worries. Ayesha has a vast array of cooking classes for all tastes and preferences from exotic vegetarian to beef, lamb, and chicken dishes. If you don’t have time for a cooking class and absolutely divine dining adventure on a weekend, she also has authentic Indian cooking classes online. Do yourself a favor, indulge in treating yourself to a cooking class in Ayesha’s kitchen. It will be an experience you will never forget. From exotic appetizers to delightful desserts and for sips of her special mango lassi, you will keep coming back for more. YES! The experience is that wonderful! You have not sampled amazing Indian cuisine until you have tried Ayesha’s cooking. Have fun, enjoy an amazing meal, and then reproduce the experience for your friends and family at your next dinner party!

  6. Claire Garcia says:

    As the cook of the family, I am always searching for something new and delicious. I found it in Ayesha’s Beef Class. Awesome! This menu is perfect. It includes Quinoa in a yummy and healthy salad. The beef is easy and quick to prepare. And the dessert….Oh my goodness! I never knew Zucchini could be so delicious! Yes, Zucchini. Kudos Ayesha! You are truly a blessed with a culinary gift. Genius. Thank you.

  7. Denise Iturrey says:

    I coordinated a private group class with Ayesha. What a wonderful experience from start to finish! Beginning with the promptness in which she returned my many email inquiries, to the attention to detail in explaining each culinary course, to the refreshing enthusiasm that she clearly has for teaching–the service was first class. And this was my impression before even stepping foot into her welcoming home. The class itself was a lesson in exotic spices we’d never heard of, as well as others we thought we knew well but truly didn’t. She kept us interested and engaged–even the youngest students (6, 9, & 10 y/o). How she managed to cook six dishes before our very eyes, while sharing fun anecdotes and answering every question thrown her way, I don’t know. But when it was all said and done, and the wonderful aromas had our tummies rumbling, it was time to head outside and enjoy the delicious meal we had helped prepare. Every dish was wonderful in its own right and complemented the others perfectly. The setting couldn’t have been more relaxing, as we devoured our meal under her breezy tiki hut poolside. I came in wondering if I could truly learn to cook with the many spices that go into my favorite Indian dishes, but Ayesha made me feel it was almost easy and definitely a lot of fun. With my recipes and spice kit in hand, I left with the knowledge that I would be back very soon. Thanks Ayesha!

  8. Edward Leone says:

    it was a pleasure being part of your great evening & tasting your cooking of original recipes.. love all of them & the fact they are very healthy.
    If you have a chance , would you send me the photos of your spice tray containers the way you recommended to maintain them.
    Appreciate it & thank you again for a memorable evening.. regards Edward (Edoardo like Shawn calls me)

  9. Jody Clemesha says:

    I have taken several of Ayesha’s classes and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. She is a great teacher and sweet spirit. She makes you feel like family from your first class. She has taken something that was a mystery for most, to something you can learn, do and possibly incorporate into all of your cooking. Her explainations on the different spices and their benefits in your diet are very informative. One word of warning…..if you take one class, you will want to take them all! A great experience!!

  10. Tony & Veronica says:

    Ayesha’s Indian Cooking class is like no other cooking experience. We have been to several of the vegetarian (and one non-vegetarian) classes and they each have their own personality. Besides Ayesha being a world-class cook, she makes the 3 hour class truly enjoyable and we feel warm and welcome in her home and kitchen. The dishes are unique in that they poses a beautiful range of colors and tastes along with the traditional Indian spices that make your eyes and mouth water, literally! Tasting the food is like a party in your mouth! Participating in her class gives you a sense of satisfaction that you contributed to the preparation of the dish. It is amazing that these dishes can be prepared in your own kitchen!

    Indian food has become a staple in our home and we never get tired or bored of cooking. We look forward every week to making something new, and have hosted some parties for friends with some of the Indian recipes. Always a hit!

    Ayesha’s Kitchen is highly recommended and once you experience it we bet you will be back for more. An afternoon of cooking with Ayesha and newly-found friends, having a mouthwatering Indian lunch under a chickee hut with a warm breeze……is very hard to resist! Many thanks to Ayesha for introducing us to this cuisine!

    Happy Eating-
    Tony & Veronica

  11. Andrea Loring says:

    Yesterday, I attended Ayesha’s cooking class called, Holiday Entertaining- Appetizers, Chutneys and Desserts. Two friends joined me and we had a spectacular experience. Ayesha had attended to every detail in advance so that not a second of class time was wasted with mundane tasks like chopping onions or garlic. Recipes were carefully prepared and distributed with clipboards and pens; a camera is installed over the stove so that viewing every step of the food preparation was easy and Ayesha is a born instructor, creating a lighthearted, casual and interactive environment, giving precise instructions, highlighting key information while interspersing entertaining tips and stories about the dishes. The choice and balance of dishes was perfect and ones I will reproduce without changing a thing. After a lively and informative lesson, we ate and the dining experience was exceptional with the succulent gourmet dishes elegantly served on a beautifully prepared table. Ayesha takes personal pride in her classes and we got much more than our money’s worth. Topping off an fun and educational was that for only $15,Ayesha sells the spices to prepare every dish at home two times. They come in baggie with sealed and labeled packets inside. I can hardly wait to take another class. Not your everyday cooking class!

  12. Jennifer M. says:

    My husband & I took the “British Favorite” (chicken tikka masala) class and absolutely loved it. Indian food is our favorite cuisine, and Ayesha’s is right up there with the best Indian dishes we have ever had. I have experimented a lot with Indian cooking at home and it is never quite right, but Ayesha’s class opened my eyes to some ingredients and techniques that I had been missing. I can’t wait to try out the recipes from today’s class at home! I loved the class so much I bought more classes as soon as I got home!

  13. Ana Echenique says:

    Took Ayesha’s vegetarian delights cooking class. Amazing! Ayesha has a gift for teaching. Her recipes are spot on. Since learning some basic techniques I have ventured further into Indian cooking. Using tempering to add spices to other dishes has opened up a new world to me. Taking another class in Sept and October and again in January!!

  14. I took Ayesha’s Vegetarian Delights Cooking Class and learned so much about flavor balance using authentic Indian spices. Ayesha explained the importance of each ingredient that we used to create the dishes along with their nutritional benefits, which I found to be fascinating! Highly recommend taking her classes as she has a gift for cooking incredible Indian cuisine and sharing her knowledge. I will be back for more vegetarian classes! Can’t wait! :-)

  15. Lyndse Bortnick says:

    Ayesha was a great cook and wonderful entertainment for our Bachelorette Cooking party. Ayesha brought all of her cooking things to our apartment, set up, cooked, served, and cleaned all while explaining how to make the most delicious home cooked healthy Indian meal. It was a huge success with everyone even the girls who said they would not eat Indian! She has a wonderful personality and I love that she sells the extras to make your own meal. Ayesha sets you up to make a wonderful meal for your own family. I will absolutely be taking another class from her and I loved that we were able to get a private meal in our own home, plus we even had leftovers for our late night snacks!

  16. Diana F. says:

    I just took my second cooking class with Ayesha with my husband and loved it. My friends got me a gift certificate for my birthday to take my first class. I attended a party where Ayesha catered the party and it was amazing as well. I am a late bloomer when it comes to cooking but the one thing I insist on are healthy recipes that are fairly simple to follow and have incredible flavor. Ayesha’s recipes are so satisfying yet wholesome and she explains each one to assure your success. After she helps us prepare the dishes, everyone gets to feast on them in her tropical back yard. I highly recommend taking Ayesha’s classes by yourself or with family and friends. Always a friendly vibe. She skillfully teaches 19 unique menus and will soon have a 20th. Some great vegan and vegetarian classes as well. Definitely a great experience.

  17. Michele Broadfoot says:

    I finished my second cooking lesson with Ayesha and am eagerly awaiting my third. Ayesha’s food is delicious and her recipes are well written and easy to follow. I like the “hands on” time she gives you to learn a special Indian technique.

  18. Morgan Magleby says:

    I can’t speak highly enough for Ayesha and her classes. I bought a class for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. We loved it and decided to go again while his mom and grandfather are here (we went yesterday for our second class). We LOVE Indian food and this is some of the best we’ve ever tried.

    It’s funny, once you go the first time, you just want to go again. The fact that each class has multiple repeat attendees speaks volumes about Ayesha’s warmth and charm. It kinda starts to feel like you’re there with family, enjoying an afternoon together that culminates with a delicious feast outside by her pool under a beautiful canopy.

    So here’s how it works. The classes are done in her own kitchen. She lives in a nice, established neighborhood in the Gables with plenty of parking in her driveway. Up to 10 people can fit in her intimate kitchen, and you can see everything she’s preparing very well. At the beginning, she gives just the right amount of education about the various spices that go into Indian cuisine and even the medicinal uses for some of them. You get a clipboard, pen, and printed recipes at the beginning on which you can take notes.

    The whole class lasts three hours. The first two are all spent cooking, where she (with your help) prepares about six dishes. By the end of the two hours, with all of the amazing smells emanating from the stovetop, you are so ready to dive in. Everything is loaded onto a serving cart and taken back to her lovely yard where a table is already set. This is the best part: sitting around and enjoying the fruits of Ayesha’s labor. Everything we’ve tried has been exceptional. The first class we learned how to make traditional Curry Chicken, among other things. Yesterday’s class was all about Vegetarian dishes, including a paneer dish that was to die for. I swear, the cilantro chutney that she served with the meal yesterday may be the tastiest spread I’ve ever had anywhere.

    You can buy a set of three classes and save $10 on each class. I think that’s what we’re going to do next. They book up well in advance (mostly from repeat students) so you need to really plan ahead. She sells products at the end of the class, but it doesn’t feel forced upon you at all. In fact, it’s much appreciated, because she makes little spice starter-kits with all the spices you’d need to make all of the dishes from that day’s class. It’s so much better than going to an Indian store and trying to buy those spices separately, since you’d likely have to buy way more than you’d need (Indian spices have a pretty short shelf life).

    If you love Indian food, do yourself a favor and sign up for one of these classes. Some people are there to actually learn how to cook, while others attend just to eat! Ayesha is such a gracious hostess, you will immediately feel at home in her home. We can’t wait for our next class!

  19. Betty McCarthy says:

    The cooking classes at Ayesh’s Kitchen is a one of a kind experience. She demystifies the Indian spices, gives clear instruction, shows the process step by step. And this takes place in an inviting environment with interesting participants who contribute to the excitement and fun of the classes. With the table set in the garden, the food beautifully served and consuming the meal just cooked, the experience is complete. I have taken all of the classes Ayesha offers and hope she continues to add to her menu. With these instructions, you will be able to cook real and delicious Indian food with great success. A great accomplishment.

  20. Louis Gonzales says:

    I took the indo chinese cooking class and the food was awesome. The instructions were clear and very detailed. Cant wait to do again.

  21. It was my first visit to Ayesha’s kitchen and it was truly a delightful experience. She has a wonderfully sweet and gentle way of delivering all the information you need to make cooking a sheer pleasure. She is extremely well organized to host large number of people attending the class.
    She is also very generous in helping you to obtain all the ingredients and utensils from the most authentic sources in order to cook the dish being taught in the class. I hope I will be able to visit Ayesha’s kitchen again in the close future.

  22. Jesus Rincon says:

    I love Indian food, and there is not a better place to have Indian food that at home. Cooking for family and friends is the best. After learning hands on with Ayesha I can delight my guest with the bes Indian food in town. Thanks Ayesha.

  23. Alberto Rodriguez says:

    I took a class of Indian cooking, it have been the best class that I have been to in many years. The food was the best, the taste was better that the restaurant food. The service was great. the group of student was selected to be fines group of students. My daughter enjoy the class. everything was so fresh and clean.
    The meal we had after the cooking class was great. I need to go back to class. The group of student are only ten student, is a group of student that was there to learn and absorb every detail of the class. I do recommend this class.

  24. Lesley Kopsick says:

    I attended the butter chicken class and it was truly an amazing and unique experience. I learned about the different spices and kitchen tools to make this delicious dish along with side dishes and dessert. Ayesha is so knowledgable about the cuisine and cooking process and provides everyone with recipes and an opportunity to buy spices and kitchen tools to make cooking the dish again at home easy. When we were finished cooking, we got to eat poolside and enjoy all of the flavors of the freshly cooked food. I can’t wait to try the vegan class in 2015!

  25. Shawn Frechette says:

    I have taken 2 classes at Ayesha’s kitchen and both were an incredible learning experience. I have taken many cooking classes in France, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and I rate hers by far the “BEST”. She is very thorough and explains each step in the cooking process and also educates you on all the health benefits of Indian cooking. Furthermore, she makes it fun and at the end we have a delicious Indian feast.

    Can’t wait for the next class.

  26. Bill Friedrich says:

    I recently took Ayesha’s seafood class and loved it! (”Flavors From the Beaches of Goa”) The menu was balanced wonderfully with Basmati rice, fried fish, shrimp curry and a light okra dish. Every item was cooked to perfection and the meal afterwards was unforgettable. I’ve taken many classes at Ayesha’s Kitchen in the past and they all were great. It’s quite hard to rank them, but this one would be near the top. Each class comes with printed recipes for you to try at home. The recipes are painstakingly well designed such that when you make them at home, the food comes out perfectly! I’ve made so many perfect Indian dishes with Ayesha’s recipes that I think it has gone to my head. (I’m beginning to think that I’m a master chef of Indian cuisine!)

  27. Ingrid Evers says:

    Ok, so where to begin, there is just so much to say! My husband purchased a gift certificate (cooking class for 2) as a surprise gift for me and we used it this month for the Mogul Emperor’s Feast Class…this entire experience was just incredibly amazing. Forget about just learning to cook, you will be transported through an entire cultural experience. Ayesha’s is the most welcoming, sweet and attentive host, teacher and cook! You will learn about the different spices and their benefits…like using turmeric for cuts and wounds! You will learn every detail of the menu you are preparing and she will give you step-by-step recipe instructions to take home with you and if you want to copy the same recipe at home, you are welcome to purchase the spice bag that includes every spice for that exact recipe.
    I am a mother of 2 that doesn’t get out much and I have been living in Miami over 20 years. This was so exciting and fun, and best of all is that you are learning and expanding your knowledge. It’s not the usual movies, dinner and shopping Miami has to offer (no offense), its so much more!! At the end of the class you will dine outside next to the pool in a beautiful lit up tiki and enjoy the amazing flavors of her amazing cuisine. Ayesha has about 16 different classes and I can’t wait to try some of the other ones! If you plan on doing a specific class I suggest you book way in advance, her classes fill up very quickly.

  28. Gail Suarez says:

    Another wonderful afternoon at Ayesha’s Kitchen! I am again singing the praises for the new Tikka Masala menu. I loved every bite of the food and can’t wait to try it out on my family. Ayesha always makes it fun and easy to learn. Since I have taken all her classes I am now waiting for her to come up with a new class. I know I will be one of the first in line sign up. Thank you for making my day a memorable one.


  29. A.Brandon says:

    Ayesha’s cooking class has been a unique and lasting experience.
    I very much enjoyed the class, which was highly educational with its vast range of exotic spices, cooking techniques and tastes.
    I prepared all 6 dishes the next day and my family absolutely loved the meal!
    I would recommend Ayesha’s cooking classes to anyone. You will be pleasantly surprised :)

  30. Barry says:

    Over the course of the last four years, I have taken 7 of Ayesha’s cooking classes. Each one is amazing, and each time I come, she has added something new to make the experience better. I have eaten Indian food in restaurants all over the US and Europe, and Ayesha’s is my benchmark for all Indian cooking. I have never had such authentic Indian food that is consistently this good. Her passion for cooking and teaching are clear from the moment you walk in the door. I will only be living in Miami for another 6 or so months, and I am determined to take a few more classes before I leave. Ayesha is one of Miami’s treasures!

  31. Helen says:

    Super experience. Great menu great recipe great food great chef and instructor. Highly recommend. You will not regret this experience.

  32. If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, or are interested in learning HOW to prepare an Indian meal, or just want a unique idea for a date, here’s a recommendation: Ayesha’s Kitchen.

    My girlfriend bought us a gift for a class last month, and we decided to use it on one of Ayesha’s newest classes “Street Foods of India.” In short, the experience was magnificent! We were floored. Ayesha was a chatty, jovial and charismatic host, giving us an informative, exciting, and intimate session on the subject at hand. She took us step-by-step through five-six dishes. We even joined in on the fun. After the preparation was complete, we all went out to the Tiki Hut in her picturesque backyard and enjoyed a sumptous lunch, coupled with her own freshly made limeade.

    Ayesha’s classes run the gamut of Indian cuisine: Mughal (naturally), South Indian, North Indian, Goan Seafood (my peeps), Veg feasts, Breads, the Spice Route dishes, Indo-Chinese and Street Foods (which is what we attended today).

    Don’t trust me? The New Times ranked Ayesha’s Kitchen the Best Cooking Class in Miami earlier last year. As a bonus, Ayesha is a native of Goa – the same state where my family hails from. It was a really pleasant surprise… something I hope to take more advantage of during my next class.

  33. Lori Amigo says:

    So lucky to be in the first ever chicken tikka masala class taught by the one and only, Ayesha :). She truly makes every class exciting. She is so passionate about the food she makes and can never speak enough about all the benefits of different indian spices. Thanks Ayesha for another amazing class :)

  34. Ellis Mass says:

    A fantastic learning. . . and dining. . . experience.

    My wife got me the gift of a class at Ayesha’s Kitchen, knowing that I enjoy cooking and that our entire family loves Indian food. Although I had read some of the glowing reviews, I didn’t know entirely what to expect. . . WOW.

    What a warm, fun, engaging, and educational experience! Ayesha and her husband welcomed us warmly into their home, and Ayesha then escorted the 10 of us into her small galley kitchen. (Classes are capped at 10. . . I’m pretty sure she can’t fit any more in there!) Our plastic folding chairs afforded us an excellent view of the stove top and the food preparation area. . . and Ayesha’s family had also rigged up a video camera over the stove, showing a bird’s eye view of the cooking process up on a convenient video monitor.

    The class I took was all about Chicken Vindaloo (a personal fave). Before she jumped into the cooking, though, she gave us a lot of background about all of the fresh spices and seasonings that we would be using throughout the day. She also provided lots of tips for how to balance the tradition and the “real” genuine ingredients with practicality. . . where we could make trade offs.

    Suffice it to say that I am now very confident that I can make my own Chicken Vindaloo meal with all of the trimmings. (She showed us how to make three side dishes, plus dessert and a traditional Indian masala chai tea. It was a very fun day, and I also have improved my skills in the kitchen. I may revise the review after I attempt to make the dishes, later this week!

    Oh, and let’s not forget. . . after all the dishes are made, the class all heads outside under the comfortable shelter of her backyard tiki hut to have a wonderful picnic lunch of all the food that was made! The use of top-notch, absolutely fresh ingredients and the loving, knowledgeable techniques made the chicken vindaloo far more flavorful and delicious than nearly any I have had in any local Indian restaurants. I take it a bit more spicy than what was made, but Ayesha also told us how we could vary up or down the spice level, depending upon personal preferences.

    I absolutely recommend it. . . although classes fill up fast. I’m trying to get a group of friends to go back together. . . I enjoyed it having gone alone, but I think it would make a great group experience too.

  35. Wilfredo M. says:

    Everything about this experience was incredible. in one word , the class was AMAZING. very structured and clear. The whole definition about the spices used in class and their way to preserve them were really instructive.

  36. Stephanie Doscher says:

    Ayesha has each menu and each dish down to a science. I left her class with everything I needed to go home and cook all five dishes she taught the very next day. My 15-year-old son LOVED everything I made, and my colleagues at work (especially my Indian graduate student!) ate up the Fruit and Nut “Fudge” balls I brought in. I’ve made the dishes multiple times since class and now that I’ve mastered them, I’m ready for the next one!

  37. Bill Grant says:

    If you love Indian food- it doesn’t get any better than this! Wonderful educational and cultural experience in the warm, friendly environment of Ayesha’s kitchen. The most important part of Indian food is the spice. Ayesha makes it easy to get started with the spices (starter kit) and is good at explaining their use and how to obtain. She also explains the health and cooking benefits of the various spices. I brought my eleven year old daughter and she enjoyed the experience, as well. The best part, of course, was eating the food.
    Bill G

  38. Rasha Madkour says:

    My husband enrolled us in Ayesha’s cooking class for my 30th birthday and it was such an enjoyable experience that I’ve since gone back for three more classes. The classes feature a demonstration of a multiple-course meal — salad, vegetable side dish, rice pilaf/bread, entree, dessert — with step-by-step, detailed instructions so you can follow along. The experience is topped off with a lovely meal in Ayesha’s backyard cabana, sampling the delectable dishes you’ve just seen being made. Ayesha is a true pro — she radiates with energy and has such a wealth of knowledge. Of course, the proof is in the pudding — whether or not you can replicate the dishes at home. Time and time again, I’ve been amazed that with Ayesha’s guidance — the first-hand demonstration and perfectly written directions — I can enjoy with family and friends incredible, homemade Indian food.

  39. ROSA MARIA says:

    I have attended most of the Ayesha’s cooking classes, and I have been pleased and impressed in all of them. She is a great chef and an exceptional person.
    I begged ( and begged, and begged ) Ayesha to teach how to prepare Biryani rice, which I just love so much, I have tasted this rice on many different occasions, but Ayesha’s recipe for Biryani rice is beyond good, it is EXTRAORDINARY!.
    Ayesha will teach you how to prepare great dishes, including all the intricate steps and the exotic spices involved in Indian cooking. She is such a good teacher that so you will easily replicate these dishes at home. The only spice that she expect you to add to her recipes is a little spice from your heart.

  40. Carla Regina says:

    I enjoyed your class, your presentation of the food, and the cultural aspect of it. But what I enjoyed the most, was the nice meal we ate at the end of the class in your beautiful patio. The class was great, the food was delicious and the company very enjoyable.

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