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  1. Carmen Lainez says:

    Being in your classes is not just to learn how to cook a recipe, being in your kitchen is to learn a new culture and their traditions. It is like being transported to your country through your food, your explanations and the flavors.

  2. Carla Ortiz says:

    I took this class because my boss invited me, for my birthday, it was an amazing class, a great experience. Ms. Ayesha teaches very clearly, step by step and explains all the spices she uses. At the end of the class is the best part, you sit down to enjoy the meal that was prepared during the class. You come out of this class very excited to cook this meal at home on your own.

  3. Becky Ince says:

    We did a team building course with Ayesha in her home and had a great time. It was good to mix watching Ayesha with individual’s helping at certain stages and then us all being able to sit down together in her beautiful garden setting to eat a fantastic meal. Ayesha’s passion for Indian food and cooking came across strongly and that made the experience so much more enjoyable for us all. Would definitely recommend!

  4. Aurelie La Torre says:

    I was looking for a cooking class for my husband’s birthday and found online that Ayesha’s Kitchen was already rated one of the best in Florida. She was so friendly from day one about the gift certificate! I had chosen the vegetarian cooking class and it went great! People were nice and focused, and Ayesha is very well-organized: she gives you the recipes and offers so many different menus. She also knows so much about spices and specific ustensils for Indian food! I really loved how we could all participate to the cooking while being encouraged by her in an family-like atmosphere! My husband loved it, and being able to eat the food we prepared in a lovely garden afterwards was priceless! Totally recommend the experience!

  5. Catie and Tyler says:

    WOW… Everything about this experience was incredible. My boyfriend and I took the Butter Chicken class and the food was AMAZING. The instructions for the recipes were very well written and easy to follow. The instructor (Ayesha) was completely amazing! She was so energetic, positive, patient and answered everybody’s questions and did everything step by step. I have never had Indian food as good as hers! I went with my boyfriend and it ended up being such a fun little date for us. We met so many friendly people. The whole experience was so much fun and educational! I have been to so many cooking classes where the food is good but I never make the food again because of how complicated the recipes are. My boyfriend and I already made two of the recipes we learned from Ayesha that turned out perfect!!!! If you love Indian food and are in the mood for a good cooking class, Ayesha’s Kitchen is a MUST!

  6. Rebeca Diaz says:

    I and a few friends have tried it out and loved the experiences. Very down to earth setting. You learn along the way, and take your recipe sheets with your own added notes to take home when you leave. Best part for me is eating at a nicely set table and getting a chance to meet new people. At the very end, Ayesha give you an option to buy pre measured spices for cooking the meal at home……that’s great for me!!!}

  7. Rebeca Diaz says:

    I and a few friends have tried it out and loved the experiences. Very down to earth setting. You learn along the way, and take your recipe sheets with your own added notes to take home when you leave. Best part for me is eating at a nicely set table and getting a chance to meet new people. At the very end, Ayesha give you an option to buy pre measured spices for cooking the meal at home……that’s great for me!!!

  8. Melissa Camero says:

    To say it was a wonderful experience would simply be an understatement!! I took the Mogul Emperor’s Feast class where we learned how to cook several of my favorite dishes including Chicken Biriyani and Tikka Masala. I must say that her recipes are not comparable to most indian restaraunts that I have been to. The ingredients used were as authentic as they could come. The food was outstanding, the scenery was relaxing. Ayesha’s enthusiasm was contagious and all inspiring, very hospitable and comforting. Truly pleasant. I cannot wait to take another class!!

  9. Judith says:

    We chose the Traditional Chicken Curry meal. First & most important is that the food was delicious. Better than in a restaurant! Ayesha arrived at our home, and didn’t even blink at the chaos of 3 kids who wanted to help, and dogs underfoot. She taught us about spices, as well as cooking. She is gracious and lovely, and we can’t wait to have our next class. Thank you, Ayesha!

  10. I took part in last Saturday’s Biriyani class. EXTRAORDINARY!!!!! Ayesha’s expertise and wonderful personality make this experience a very pleasant one. In addition to leaving with a broader understanding of the culture and cooking of India, one has the opportunity to mingle and learn from the crowd that shares this class. This is my fifth class and I have to say I am not stopping: every new class is an amazing discovery. My palate simply doesn’t want to stop!

  11. Diana Shinaberry says:

    Wow – I just took the “Dinner on the Spice Route” class with a group of interesting people. I’m a good cook, but Indian cuisine has been a mystery for me. Ayesha is a great and patient teacher and she treats everyone like family. After a great lesson, we call share a great meal with amazing flavors and I now have the recipes to take home and try out on my own. I will be taking more classes!

  12. I have taken her classes, cooked her recipes and eaten her food. Her flavors are authentic and her ingredients top of the line a delightful Indian culinary feast! Ayesha is the Guru of authentic Indian flavors!

  13. Micah Oelze says:

    I had the chance to take Ayesha’s “Street Foods” cooking class a couple of months ago in March. I had an amazing time. Ayesha blends professionalism with a warm hospitality that allows you to feel you are learning from the best alongside old friends. The street foods class is a bit more offbeat than Ayesha’s main courses, but I still walked away feeling like I had a solid foundation regarding Indian gastronomy. I went home, but some new spices, and in the last two months have regularly prepared Indian meals. I have made each of the courses from class and have even ventured into other recipes. These, too, have turned out well thanks to the techniques I learned from Ayesha. I highly recommend spending an afternoon or evening with this fantastic teacher.

  14. Lori A says:

    This is my third class with Ayesha and I have another one this Saturday. You really learn something new every time! She has an amazing energy about herself. You can tell she really loves what she does. So worth the price of the class and then a wonderful meal to follow :). Thanks Ayesha, see you Saturday :D

  15. Erin Fabian says:

    I took a class on May 11 with Ayesha and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I loved the way she explained each ingredient’s purpose in the food and how to use each component for best results and nutrition. Ayesha was so bubbly and full of life, it was easy to share her passion. The class was part observation and participation which was great because I am a hands on learner. Her stories while we shared a delicious, homemade lunch were very inspirational and I left wanting to be her full-time pupil! I will definitely take more classes from her.

  16. Diana says:

    You won’t find another Indian Cooking course like this one. Ayesha’s passion for cooking is contagious and her depth of knowledge is inspiring. She uses fresh organic ingredients and genuine fresh Indian spices so all your senses will be delighted. Ayesha provides different recipes in each of her 15 different courses, along with helpful hints and gives each participant the opportunity to be hands on. She has combined her cooking acumen and successful corporate background to create an experience that is unique, organized, delicious and memorable.

    Ayesha can also be hired to come to your home and lead a cooking party. She brings the recipes and the food and prepares it with you and your guests. I attended a birthday dinner party at my friend’s home. It was such a great evening! I recommend her courses and her cooking parties to the finest chefs and to beginners.

    I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have many eating restrictions. I am gluten and dairy intolerant, allergic to eggs and can’t have sugar and all of Ayesha’s vegan and vegetarian course recipes can be adapted to accommodate me. A must try!

  17. Julia says:

    What an enjoyable time with Ayesha! She has so much to offer in the knowledge she imparts on Indian cuisine, and the experience will be memorable. Take a class, and then keep coming back to learn more!

  18. Laurie V says:

    Thanks you so much for such a wonderful eating experience. You provided such a warm, homey atmosphere, that made us feel like we were at a large family gathering. The finished meal was the best Indian food that we’ve had.
    It certainly inspired to sign up for another class on the spot!
    Thank you so much, and see you in May.

  19. Ursula says:

    I highly recommended Ayesha class, was awesome, I couldn’t have been happier. The way she teaches was clear and easy to prepare at home.

    She explained the benefit of spices and herbs. She is lovely and patience; all the dishes we made were very delicious and healthy.

    We were a small group of people, everybody was amazing, was a beautiful and tasty experience.

    Thank you Ayesha for teaching us the art of cooking India food. I can wait to take the other one.

  20. Andrew says:

    We wanted to thank you for a great time this weekend. The class was so well organized and ran like clockwork. Ayesha puts together great tasting recipes, that are easy to follow, and anyone can re-create them in their own kitchen. We look forward to doing just that in the next week or so :)

    The meal and conversations that followed the class just really capped off a great afternoon.

    Thank you again for sharing your home and talents with us, and we look forward to coming back again soon.


    Drew and Kristy

  21. Brian S. says:

    We have been to a total of 3 classes at Ayesha’s kitchen: two vegan classes and one vegetarian class. Each has been absolutely wonderful. We intend to go back for more.

    This is hands down the best Indian food we have ever had. And although we are not Indian, we consider ourselves to be somewhat advanced Indian food enthusiasts, having eaten Indian food for many, many years in great Indian-food cities such as NYC, Chicago, and London.

    A bit about the classes: Ayesha is very welcoming from the moment you arrive. She greets each person like an old friend, and remembers everyone’s name and tidbits about each person. It’s really remarkable what a great memory Ayesha has–it really illustrates how much she cares.

    She has little clip boards and pens set up with a packet of the full recipes waiting for each participant.

    When the class begins, you sit in her kitchen and she teaches you step by step how to prepare a full, delicious Indian meal from start to finish. She is very entertaining and everything about each recipe is very clear, precise and detailed. She has left nothing to guesswork. She encourages full audience participation/questions and gives very interesting little tidbits about the different spices/dishes.

    Once the dishes are all prepared, the entire class sits at a long table in the backyard and enjoys the wonderful meal together al fresco in her lovely backyard.

    It is such a special experience–perfect for anyone and everyone who enjoys good food. There is a class for everyone–vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, omnivores, you name it! Plus, you absolutely don’t need to be an expert in Indian cuisine or be an expert cook to enjoy a special day at Ayesha’s kitchen.

    Her recipes, if you follow them precisely, truly are fool-proof and she sells all the equipment/spices you need at very fair prices. She only sells very high-quality goods that are difficult to find elsewhere. You don’t need to go searching around, she’s done all of the legwork for you. We’ve purchased a spice holder as well as several different spices, and have been very pleased with our purchases.

    We strongly believe that she would be an asset to the Food Network. Not only is she a talented and lively chef, she is very entertaining. She needs her own cooking show!

  22. Lori Amigo says:

    Thank you Ayesha for such a wonderful class! Not only was it informative, but extremely educational as well. Loved the cooking side along with learning health benefits of the individual spices!!! Can’t wait for the next class :)

  23. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) says:

    I just finished The ‘Passage to South India (Rice-Lentil Crepes…)’ cooking class, Ayesha’s kitchen cooking class experience was, as before, awesome, super laid back, friendly and will not allow you to even clear the dishes. Not only was Ayesha all those things, but, as before, the students were as well; not an easy thing to find in this world.
    The ‘Passage to South India (Rice-Lentil Crepes…)’ cooking class recipes were awesome as well, I could see myself making the Rice-Lentil Crepes and pancakes topped with vegetables, instead of the traditional Vegan pancakes or waffles, for a little while. Funny thing about it is I have heard many times, I will not eat Waffles with vegetables and fruits in the batter, and here now I have crepes and pancakes that I think the same people will eat.

  24. DorothyScott says:

    OMGoodness! What an experience. From the moment Ayesha welcomed us into her personal space the atmosphere was one of being part of a family and not just being there to watch food being prepared. The relaxed way in which the dishes were presented encouraged participation and anticipation to taste the final product. Finally, to sit outdoors in the perfect setting to enjoy the dishes prepared was the crowning touch to such an enjoyable evening. I highly recommend Ayesha’s Kitchen and look forward to my next experience.

    I have prepared several of the dishes and found them to be user friendly. You will not be disappointed.

  25. Jane Bolduc says:

    Had a fantastic afternoon learning the “real” Indian cooking way. I would highly recommend this terrific class to anyone looking for a fun and interesting day.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    This was my first (of what’s sure to be many) classes at Ayesha’s Kitchen. Ayesha is passionate, warm, and delightful to be around. She clearly loves what she does and the end results are a testament to her vast culinary knowledge and experience. The class was informative and entertaining and the food was outstanding. I only wish she had a restaurant in Miami too!


    I have attended lots of Ayesha’s cooking classes. All of them are fantastic, but I do not believe for a moment that her classes are only cooking tips and techniques in the preparation of a delicious Indian meal. To me, every time I prepare a meal for my family, it is like writing them a love letter. Thanks to Ayesha’s classes I have acquired the skills to write the most beautiful and exotic love letters to my family. My sons and my husband are extremely happy with Ayesha’s recipes! We have created beautiful memories around Ayesha’s recipes at the dinner table. My kids and husband are very appreciative for the time and dedication I spent in the kitchen, the responses to my love letter are lots of thanks, hugs, and kisses, and for that I am so grateful. Be aware Ayesha’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking is contagious.

  28. esmond and marcia Scott says:

    At Ayesha’s kitchen it was a total dining experience. The food was delectable. The ambiance couldn’t be more inviting. The outdoor dining at the end was one where time stood still. This was seconded only by the hospitality of our gracious and very friendly hostess and chef Ayesha. We were welcomed into her home with a big smile and bigger hug. Her ability to blend spices, laughter, History, and Indian culture together while remembering the names of all eight guests, in an interactive and non intimidating cooking session is unforgettable.

  29. Monique Blake says:

    Do you love cooking? Do you want to broaden your culinary repertoire? Then try Ayesha’s cooking class. I actually had two friends recommend her. And I was not disappointed. Ayesha’s warm personality instantly assured me that I was in for unique and fun afternoon.

    I attended the Holiday Entertainment Appetizers/Chutneys/Desserts class in the fall. She hosted the class in her kitchen. It was small and cozy. Ayesha provided the recipes and a demonstration for every dish. It was the most fun I have had in a long while. The food was delicious. We sat outside to eat in Ayesha’s naturally lush backyard. The table was elegantly set. There was no detail overlooked.

    It gets better. You can buy all the spices and specialty equipment at the end of the class. And the recipes taste just as good when you make them at home. I am looking forward to my next class.

  30. Nicole Ruggiano says:

    My husband and I attended Ayesha’s Passage to South Indian class in September of 2013. This was the third class we have taken from Ayesha and were extremely satisfied with our experience. Since moving to South Florida, we have not been very happy with the quality of food served at local Indian restaurants and have found Ayesha’s classes to be a great way to get our Indian food fix.

    The recipes you get to take home are clear and Ayesha’s instruction is so detailed that she makes it easy for you to make authentic Indian recipes at home. I was particularly excited about this course, because the menu included dosas, which I knew were very difficult to make. The class involved some instruction on Indian spices, followed by a mixture of hands-on and hands-off instruction on Indian cuisine. For this specific class, we learned to make potato stuffed dosas, lentil soup, coconut chutney, and Indian pancakes. Afterwards you get to eat everything made during the class, which is great! The food is hearty and absolutely delicious! Ayesha teaches you all of the little tricks that you cannot learn from following an Indian cookbook so that your food comes out authentic and not an Americanized version of Indian food. As an instructor, I have found Ayesha to be extremely knowledgeable, polite, and pleasant. Take a class with her! This is good for couples, singles, or a group of friends.

  31. William Nall says:

    I took her vegan cooking class. and found it a jewel. I was first worried about her small kitchen. I had no reason to worry. The close nature of her kitchen created a warm and very nice experience. Most people in the class had taken her classes before. I have been cooking over fifty years, i have never learned more in one three hour class. I found the other people in the class to be charming personble, it seems that Ayesha is not only a great teacher and chef, but people who take her classes are great, too. I was sorry to see the experience to end.

  32. Naya says:

    A friend recommended me Ayesha for all types of Indian Cuisine. I bought the Lamb Class for my boyfriend as a bday present. He LOVED IT. He wants us to go back for other types of classes in 2014. He sent me pictures and came back home with the recipes. I am looking forward to our next experience @ Ayesha’s.

    We will be seeing you very soon Ayesha!

  33. Jason 'Great White' Shark Nall says:

    This was my first cooking class, and it was a gift for my dad and I, and it was just awesome.I am a shy person with many different memory and language processing challenges, yet I felt extremely comfortable and at ease enough to hands on participation, to learn the best I could. I had no trouble understanding everything and keep up, and Ayesha was very accessible to stop to answer any questions. I am a organic and Vegan person, who is not the best cook and never cooked Indian before, yet she was able to work with me. Her cooking class could work for experienced cooks as well. I do not know if cooking classes have a lot pretty and nice young women, but this sure did.

  34. Laura Armas says:

    I had the opportunity to visit India early this year and completely felt in love with the food and culture. Back in the US I tried to cook with some spices that I got in my trip but it was a complete fail. That’s when I decided to take cooking classes with Ayesha. BEST IDEA EVER!. She’s one of the most friendly teachers that I’ve had and she makes you feel that everybody is capable of cooking Indian food (And it’s true!). Her recipes are easy to understand and the best part is that they’re really healthy and as good and tasty as the food I tried in India. Can’t wait for next year to start all over again with my indian food weekends :)

  35. Tamara Hamilton says:

    My friend and I tried the class after stumbling on the web page, and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Far from being intimidating or difficult to follow, Ayesha shares her love for flavorful, healthy food with everyone who visits her kitchen for a class, and packs the time full of information, new experiences, and wonderful aromas and flavors. Ayesha and her classes are authentic, and the recipes are easy to duplicate to make something wonderful at home. For those who are interested, she also has spices and kitchen tools to purchase, so that you don’t have to spend time searching for them yourself. I would highly recommend Ayesha’s Kitchen to aspiring cooks at any level. You won’t regret it!

  36. Gail Suarez says:

    I started taking Indian Cooking classes with Ayesha about a year and a half ago. After the first class I couldn’t stop. All her classes are such fun and the food is wonderful. Since I started I have become vegan because I take care of my ex-husband with cancer. The lessons I have learned fro Ayesha have helped me cook wonderful food and meet such wonderful people. I have now taken every class and am waiting for the next new class “Chicken Biriyani”. Yummm! From start to finish the very best experience anyone could have. Thanks Ayesha for this great treat.

  37. Frances says:

    As a student of Ayurvedic medicine, Ayesha’s class was instrumental in providing the foundation for herbs and spices which are key to great Indian cooking. I use her recipes on a weekly basis since attending her Vegetarian Traditional Indian Fare class. We used to be a Cuban family but we’re quickly becoming a Cuban-Indian family  Thank you Ayesha! Can’t wait to return!

  38. Dayana Cabeza says:

    Have you ever met anyone that instantaneously lights up the room with energy and spreads real passion for cooking? Let me introduce you to Ayesha D’Mello. Ayesha is one of those individuals who possesses energy force as a light bulb that easily reflects how much she enjoys what she does, how fulfilled she feels for doing that, how much she cares for teaching you easy-to-follow Indian cooking recipes, and how happy she is when you master a recipe as a result of her teachings. This is exactly what Ayesha brings to the table, a whole new level of Indian cuisine and a very unique gastronomical experience. The art of great cooking I must say, the food in perfect harmony with the soul. The result: a whole new experience that combines high gourmet cuisine and a nurturing atmosphere.

    I guarantee you that not only you will learn easy recipes that you can prepare at home filled with significant health benefits, but you will also meet a wonderful lady that will teach you a different way of appreciating the flavors, the fragrances, and savoring every single bite of your meal.

    Believe me when I say that Ayesha’s Kitchen is simply authentic and distinctive. It is definitely food for the soul.

  39. Neeraja Chandrasekaran says:

    From amateur to confident chef (well not really but still…hehe), I have learned a lot from Ayesha’s cooking classes. Her friendly nature and bubbly personality really made me feel comfortable, and I really learned how to cook a lot of amazing dishes. I embrace my culture more now than ever. Plus I cook for all of my friends…and they ask for seconds all the time!!! :) I feel so fortunate to have an amazing cooking mentor and really look forward to many more cooking classes at Ayesha’s kitchen. :)

  40. Suzanne Roberts says:

    We have taken nine cooking classes in Indian Cooking by Ayesha D’Mello. Her cooking school is an excellent experience. She is dynamic and fun, gives complete explanations about the exotic spices that are a trademark of this cuisine and provides kitchen wisdom for cooks at all levels and prepares a full meal in a snap. Some interactive cooking happens too. You never know if you will be rolling out the naan bread! The class then eats all together in her chickhee hut. These classes are worth every penny; the ability to make Indian food is really very valuable, and the experience is so genteel, gracious and plain fun. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as you journey to a part of India from the kitchen counter!

  41. Lizette Pabon says:

    I have participated in four of Ayesha’s classes. They are easy to follow and give you the full experience of the Indian culture. I have done many of the dishes at home and they come out just as good as we did them in class. Ayesha is very professional and fun! I highly recommend her cooking classes.

  42. Ty says:

    My wife drug me to this cooking class a couple of months ago. I am hooked. Ayesha taught us how to make several dishes in a short period of time. She was organized, entertaining, and her food is AMAZING. We had a delicious meal in her beautiful backyard and now I can’t wait to go back. My wife has made Ayesha’s recipes at least once a week since our class. Can’t wait for our next Saturday afternoon with her!

  43. Claire Garcia says:

    I love the new Indian-Chinese class. Ayesha is so professional and fun! Every class is great because I learn to make so many wonderful dishes. You are so Blessed Ayesha.

  44. Susan Meyer says:

    Once again I have enjoyed one of Ayesha’s cooking classes. (This was my 7th class.) This time it was her seafood class, Flavors From the Beaches of Goa with Fried Masala Fish, Coconut Shrimp Curry, Goan Okra, Kachumbar Garbanzo salad, Basmati rice, and a delicious Sheera dessert. There’s always a group of delightful people to share a few hours of conversation and the mouth-watering meal at the end of the class. After class there’s an opportunity to purchase pre-measured spice kits, kitchenware, and even plants so you can go home and begin cooking the meal yourself. I always leave with a smile and full tummy. But don’t be surprised when the aroma brings knocks upon your door and wandering souls through your kitchen.

  45. Nazreen Khan says:

    I’ve taken about 4 classes at Ayesha’s Kitchen and have loved every single one. Ayesha’s is very thorough and creative in all her recipes created for each class and is very personable. You learn to create many recipes in one class and have a sit down lunch with Ayesha and fellow classmates after. I would definitely recommend taking her classes especially if you love Indian food!

  46. Paul Castellano says:

    My wife and I took the class out of curiosity. The entire experience from begining to end was great and the knowledge just never stopped. From the details in the kitchen, to the explainations and tastings outside it was a truly magical experience. We have continued to try and experiment at home with spices and techiques we learned. I highly recommend this adventure and get turned on to some new tasty adventures.

  47. Suzanne Roberts says:

    We have taken nine classes in Indian Cooking by Ayesha D’Mello. Her cooking school is an excellent experience. She is dynamic and fun, gives complete explanations about the exotic spices that are a trademark of this cuisine and provides kitchen wisdom for cooks at all levels and prepares a full menu in a snap. Some interactive cooking happens too. You never know if you will be rolling out the naan bread! The class then eats all together in her chickhee hut. These classes are worth every penny; the ability to then make delicious Indian food is really very valuable, and the experience is so genteel, gracious and plain fun. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as you journey to a part of India from the kitchen counter!
    Visited October 2013

  48. Marlene Nece says:

    I have enjoyed many classes with Ayesha. I have learned to make several great tasting Indian dishes with confidence and ease. Yesterday I took Ayesha’s new class “Indian-Chinese”. It was another great experience. Looking forward to showing off my new menu to my husband and friends. The feast at the end of class was fabulous.

  49. Stratton says:

    Ayesha’s enthusiasm for Indian cooking is matched only by the delicious food itself. Have taken two classes so far and loved both of them. Ayesha knows all about the spices and their healthful qualities, the classes are high energy and easy to follow, she feeds you a feast at the end of each class, and you walk away with absolutely everything you need to go home and cook it yourself. These classes are super fun and a bargain. Sign up now before she gets her own cooking show and we lose her to the fame she deserves!

  50. Tracey says:

    I don’t usually take time to write many reviews, but when it comes to Ayesha’s cooking classes, I want people to know how wonderful it is…. last weekend, I took Ayesha’s newest class, Indian Chinese, and once again it did not disappoint! Excellent recipes, easy to understand and follow instructions, interesting fellow students and the most wonderful meal under the chikee hut! Take a class you’ll be hooked! (one downside, I’ll never be able to eat take out sweet and sour soup again… now that I know how good it can taste!)

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